Friday, October 3, 2014


Happy Friday friends! Last weekend I
wore this gorgeous dress my sister gifted
me when I was home last time. I initially
wore it with a chambray tied at my waist 
which I loved and the blonde boy loved it 
too. Although he said it immediately made
 him think of a 50's housewife. I think I'm 
going to go ahead and take that as a
 compliment. After all, I just took a quiz that 
indicated I should have been around in the
 50's anyways. May as well own it right? But
 then I decided I wanted to make it a little
 more casual and comfy, so I threw on my
 most comfiest, favorite long sleeved tee. 
I love how this outfit turned out! 

I feel like the skirt with the flower crown is 
making my spanish side come out. Hence
 the chaquita. 

Happy Happy Friday friends!!

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