Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday things...

Let's talk about...

How I'm becoming my grandmother you guys. 
No, really. Aside from the un-used kleenexes 
always lurking in my jacket pockets, I thought
to myself today, These sleeves are bugging 
me, I need some of those sleeve bracelets 
my grandma sports when she's trying not to
"feed her sleeves". But really, I do.

Let's also talk about...

This post. Do you remember? Something rather
odd happened this week. I became a college
graduate. Yea, weird I know. Like poof, you
have an associates now. Congrats. Wait, what?
Apparently if you take a whole lotta college 
classes towards a biology degree and you never 
quite finish that up, years later they might see
that you do in fact have enough credits for a 
degree. And then, they might just go ahead 
and award that degree to you. Life is funny 
isn't it? What a nice little "see, it wasn't all
 for nothing" reminder. Motivation, I tell ya!

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