Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday things...


Y'all, when a photo booth presents itself, you
do not take it for granted. You appreciate it,
you give it all you got. Like wrestle faces and
me being excited while the blonde boy is either
trying to slit his own throat or threatening you.
I'm just not sure. Either way, photo booths are

You should try...

I ran out of my normal C.O. Bigelow lip balm that
I love to use before bed and just didn't have time
to run to Bath & Body Works to get a new one. I
was at the grocery store and I saw a new eos
Had to try it out, especially when I saw that it
was coconut milk. I love it!! It smells so delish!
And like most of the other eos sphere lip balms,
it works amazingly. This one feels like it lasts 
even longer than the others though, big fan 
over here.

Let's talk about...

Christmas Shopping. Did you know Target is
doing free shipping on everything for the
 holidays? Get on that you guys! And don't 
forget to look at before you
make your purchases. You never know what
kind of discounts are out there or if you can 
get a little something for free with something
you already have to buy anyways. Maybe I 
should do a post on this stuff. Be on the look
out for that. I love to save money and I would
be so happy to see you save some too!

It's almost Friday!!

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