Friday, November 14, 2014

How to Mani: Make prefect dots...

I got the idea of the dots from Leighannsays. She
is big on the dots. It took me a while to figure out 
the best way to get a great little dot without all the 
un-even borders. You guys. It's so easy and honestly,
it's way cheap! My dad got me this awesome huge
set of nail tools a year or two ago and the dotting 
tool is the best part!
I found this set that comes with tons of sizes and
is just the dotting tool if that's all that you are after.

1.) Use a thin coat of base coat. This is my favorite.

2.) Paint on one coat of your chosen polish, let dry.
3.) Paint a second coat of polish, let dry.

4.) Grab dot color. Take dotting tool and run down 
the side of polish brush to coat.
(I used this color)

5.) Carefully and slowly touch to desired spot and
 pull away slowly for a precise dot. Let dry
(Otherwise you will get that slightly smeared
situation I have going on my pinky nail...)

7.) Paint a top coat over entirety of each nail. This
is what I'm using right now. Let dry.

8.) Top with Nicole Drying Drops if desired. I 
suggest you do.

Happy Friday!

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