Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gone boy...

Do you guys remember this post? That blonde
boy came and brightened my life when he came
to work with me. Well, he's moved on and I'm
crazy proud of him. He's got himself an internship.
But can I tell you a secret? He's kinda my favorite,
so I'm over here kinda missing the crud out of the
guy. You get used to someone walking around 
corners just when you need em to, you know?
Me and this guy have worked together twice now.
We like it. We like the carpooling, we like the 
whole spending more time together than anyone
should ever want to. That's just how we roll.

He's been sending me so many texts this week 
that end in "Oprah voice..." that he actually had
 to shorten it down to be more efficient. He's been
 liking his new gig.

I like it too. Nothing makes me more happy than
seeing him happy. But when he does the dishes,
it's a real close second.

(My favorite and the only couple costume we've ever worn.
Can you guess what its from?)

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