Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Throwback Thursday of sorts // 007...

(Thanks for letting me steal your pic cuz!)

It's a snow day! But not here in the DFW, It's a snow day
 in Amarillo. Where we Cobles are from. I'm not fond of
snow so please don't let this post confuse you. In fact,
one of my most favorite reasons I live in the DFW area
is because it rarely snows here. I might actually be a
Florida girl at heart. Spring is perfect, every other 
season is much too hot or much too cold if you ask
When I was younger I remember hoping and praying
and waking up early to watch the closures. Not very
often did I see AISD-Closed scroll across the bottom 
of the screen. That's the bad thing about living in a 
place where snow is expected, it's tough to get 
snow day. And as a kid, we lived for those snow 
My favorite snow memory was the one year where
my sisters and I were able to tunnel from the front
door to the back door of the house. It was hard and
I remember actually being hot as we were tunneling
but man do I remember the feeling of being done.
It was triumphant to say the least. And we went 
through the house, through the tunnel, through 
the house, then back through the tunnel again
as long as our little hearts could stand it or at
least until Saved by The Bell came on. 
Priorities. You know.

It's Almost Friday!

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