Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Skincare as I see it...

Get ready, this one is going to be a bit long.

What my face needs to be happy...

Hey you guys! Aren't we all kinda wondering all
the time how so and so has such good skin and
what we can do to improve our own? Well I
thought I might share my skincare routine with
you today! It isn't very intense and I'm really
just beginning to get serious about skincare
because it really is so important in the long run!
(▼the tiny images are clickable▼)

Origins Clear Improvement- This mask is kinda
my favorite thing right now. It goes on thick
and smells like the earth but in a good way. It's
packed full of active charcoal. Charcoal is said to
be ultra purifying in that it has the ability to draw
massive amounts of bacteria, dirt and oils from
your skin. I love this stuff!

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion- This
rough stuff smells great and wipes away my most
stubborn dry spots! It leaves your skin feeling silky
and so smooth.

Origins Plantscription with SPF 25 anti-aging cream-
I love this moisturizer, it smells and feels great. Plus
it didn't cause any breakouts for me!

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face oil- I am loving
this as an all over face oil for right before bed. I 
love the smell and I can immediately begin feeling
it soak into my skin. I wake up with super soft

Clinique Sonic System- I haven't had an opportunity
to try out any of these handheld facial tools. But when
I saw this one today. I felt like it needed to happen. 
Lately my most problematic area is my nose. 
Blackheads, dry spots, the works. I feel like something
like this could definitely up my skincare game! Have
 you tried it?

Pearls Probiotics- My mom has been telling me for
years to get on a probiotic but I'm one who tries to
save money whenever possible, even at the cost of
my skin apparently. About a year ago, I began 
experiencing acne and other odd issues I had never 
dealt with before. A friend of mine told me about 
pearls. I looked them up and found a killer ongoing
deal on Amazon for the 90 day supply and ordered.
Best decision ever!! My skin has calmed down so 
much! Beauty has to be pampered on the inside 
too! So start literally with your gut and then move
onto topical options! It's seriously such a game 

Comment below if you have any questions or want
 to share your own skincare tips with me! Thanks for

Is it Wednesday already?


  1. LOVE Clinique products. I started having issues with acne caused by my thyroid issues, everything has changed from my breakouts to skin texture. So worth the money!

    1. Awesome!! Thanks! I've always wondered about Clinique. :) Now I'm wondering about my thyroid though. LOL

    2. Take it from me. Get it checked out, I though I was just crazy hormonal after having my daughter and come to find out it was all my thyroid, so I got rid of it!