Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday mumbles...

1.) I'm sharing this photo specifically because it shows my ring finger with a silver band on it. The sacred place where my beautiful girl usually hangs out. But she is at the doctor once again. She decided to reject a baguette while in the cleaning machine. She just wasn't in the mood. I feel ya. 

2.)My straightener exploded at the end of last week you guys so I have been having very care free, somewhat wavy, frizzy hair. I'm kinda diggin' it. Straighteners explode, did you know?

3.) This weekend was one of the best. They don't get any better really. But I mean hey, there's always next weekend. We could try to one up ourselves. One up sleeping in, finally conquering a homemade omelette, seeing Tonic, Fuel and Everclear in the span of 5 hours for a mere 20 bucks, lots of fruitless shoe shopping for the blonde boy (I got myself a diva here you guys!) and quite a few episodes of New Girl to round out the weekend. Like I said, it's gonna be hard to out do that but we shall try. 

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