Friday, May 22, 2015

Six years in...

Tomorrow is the day. It's the most important of days in my world. It's the day we said I do. The day we promised to love and to cherish and to tickle and to control our spoons. You don't want to know. Anyways, over the past six years a lot has been learned.

-We have a queen bed but a twin would work just fine
-He isn't picky with his lunch but pretty choosy with his dinner
-He blames me for his soda intake, I take full credit
-Holding hands isn't an option, it's a way of life
-Arguments can be loud or quiet, he's quiet, I'm loud
-He likes to french kiss me but he would prefer not to use my fork
-I take a lot of pictures of us, he makes a lot of faces
-He tells me I'm beautiful every single day
-I'm always on his side, he's always on mine
-On a day to day basis, it takes him longer to do his hair then it takes me to do mine
-He gives of himself 100% all of the time
-He knows how to push my buttons, I know how to manufacture his
-I pretty much only make Mexican food, he doesn't mind
-We used to sleep in on Saturdays, now he sleeps in and I watch
-He loves "breaded treats"
-We push each other to realize our dreams
-We have a ridiculous amount of rotating nicknames
-Our opinion on music is really similar and then it's not

He's the best decision I've ever made, he's my lobster.