Thursday, June 4, 2015

San Antonio love // 001...

For our 6 year wedding anniversary, we FINALLY made it out of town on an actual vacation. It was glorious. We dropped the pup off for some R&R at his favorite local lodge and then we headed for San Antonio. San Antonio treated us right y'all. I found the absolute cutest B&B online and after reading the reviews, I had to book it. The weeks leading up to our vacation and the drive there was filled with a lot of anxiety about what exactly I had gotten us into. I am so glad we chose the Noble Inns! Our room was on the top floor of the Jackson House and it was positively adorable, full of antiques and it had the coziest fireplace! Which really came in handy on what turned out to be our very wet weekend!

For example...
This happened when we got out of the car to pick up our key from the main house. Ha. Good times.

Is it just me or when I got wet, did my glasses grow 3 times bigger?

▲ This more than made up for it!

And all of this!! ▼

 ▲ Don't mind the blonde boy, he's the weirdest,
most wonderful human.

▼ And this mirror made up for anything ever.
 Because I mean...

▼And last but not least, the Inn served us the most gorgeous
breakfast each morning and some majorly delicious coffee!

Come back tomorrow for more of our San Antonio trip!

It's almost Friday!!!

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