Monday, December 21, 2015

Life update...

Hey hey friends! A little update for you now that I am on a fabulous 4-week winter break from school. First things first, my friends. School. Is. Exhausting. But it's also fun to learn again, it's fun to be doing something new, different, it's honestly just what I'd hoped for. Just harder. I kicked my first semester's butt, and vice-versa. Statistics wins the award for the meanest class ever you guys, that's a real beating, but the kind that feels so, so good when you can finally say you are done. And boy does it.
I've been very blessed in the job department since the last time I blogged, I am working at my church, and it's been incredibly great!
Even my car seems to be doing better.
You guys, this seemed like the scariest, dumbest thing I ever did, leaving comfort for the unknown, now it know it's exactly what I needed. 
I love it. 

I cannot believe Christmas is this week you guys!
What are your plans?

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