Monday, April 29, 2013

This weekend...

We had so much fun!!!!

Now I'm not gonna lie, my check engine 
light came on on the way home from work
on Friday, and that was a bit annoying, 
but we were determined and we did not 
let that ruin our weekend!

We Woke up as late as I could which ended 
up being about 9:30. Not great, but it did
the trick. Then we had some breakfast, 
watched some Big Bang Theory, got ready 
and headed over to a pawn shop to check 
out a guitar case. That pawn shop was hot 
and that guitar case was huge. 
Oh well, luckily on our way there, we saw
this awesome little mercantile and we had
to stop! That place was cool!!!!
It was stuffed with new things, handmade
things and antique things. I'm a sucker for
antiques, so it was right up my alley.
How creepy is husband's stance while being 
surrounded by his two wives? (me and me)

My favorite handmade thing I saw at
the mercantile. I must make my own!
Stay tuned for that!

 We found an ATARI STAR WARS arcade game! It 
still worked, Free game play too!! Hubby 
was in heaven!! 

The rest of the evening was movies and
snuggling. Perfect ending to a perfect day!
The better part of Sunday was spent
at church, and it was awesome!

This was a wonderful, wonderful weekend!
 I told ya, I just knew it would be! :) 
How was yours?

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