Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two good things Tuesday...

Forever 21 5 Pocket Skinnies
 (Can be found here or in store)
These are way cute and they only cost
$10.80 a pair you guys!! $10.80
That's a steal and they are comfy!
I recommend trying them on in store 
or at least going down one size. 
They definitely run big! They 
come in 3 color options too!

Hubba Bubba Dr Pepper Bubble Gum
I found mine at my local gas station
but If you can't find it and you NEED some,
you can find it here. I love me some Dr
Pepper you guys, that flavor, that burn of
a fresh one on ice! My mouth is literally
 watering right now. :) I'm trying to cut back 
on it, so finding this gum made me very happy, 
and it's actually good! SCORE!

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