Wednesday, May 1, 2013

That thing I did that made me late...

I was so proud of myself as I stepped out of 
my apartment at 7:12 this morning. I was not
only going to be on time but I had even given 
myself enough time to get gas. 
I triumphantly pull into the gas station and
grab my debit card. I run it and enter my
pin...Authorizing...See Cashier. Huh? Oh!! It
expires today, no problem, I will just use my
other debit card...which also expires today.
Thank goodness I still have my credit card...
which also Ok, no problem, I
have one of my replacement debit cards in my
wallet. I just have to call and activate it!
Ring, ring, ring..."Thank you for calling, 
we do not open until 9 am, please try again 
later." Of automated activation 
So...defeated and well on my way to being 
extremely late to work, I made my way back
home to get my other debit card off the 
counter where it sat giggling exuberantly
 at me...which I was thankfully able to
quickly activate over the phone and get 
myself some gas.

The moral of the story is...
Look in your wallet right now and make sure
all of your cards didn't expire today. 
Your welcome! :)

 Happy Halfway There Day!!!
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