Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Want it Wednesday...

Flared Jeans!
 When I was in high school, it might have even been 
middle school, I had the absolute best pair of flared
 jeans ever made. They fit just right and they were 
massively flared. I've definitely been in a skinny jean 
phase, until I saw this post...

*photo borrowed from Frills for Thrills

It brought up memories of what I once had
and what I want again! I have been searching
and scouring all resources and dang it if I just
 cannot find the perfect pair. This is actually 
the perfect pair but its hard to find these on
a site that seems legit. So I will just continue
the search. I need bell bottoms in my life.

What are you obsessing over right now?


  1. Oh!! Will you let me know if you find a good flares provider? I MISS those! They were my faves.