Friday, October 7, 2016

The one where I finally got a utility jacket...

It's that moment when your hair is kind of a mess because...wind. And your really not 100% sure what season it's supposed to be outside because...Texas. But you're happy because...that jacket. The one that's the most perfect shade of green, the one that's actually flattering while still having that utility style oomph we all crave. The holy grail you guys...I'm talking about THE one. And guess what? I'm actually surprised I'm saying this. It's from Target. Yes, the Target everyone loves...but also the Target that doesn't like me all that much. I'm that person that's always like "Oh my gosh. I love your *insert adorable article of clothing name here*!" And they respond back with..."Oh this...I picked it up at Target off the sale rack." What? Target gives me nothing on a yearly basis besides some fruit snacks and pumpkin Reese's every Halloween! 
But you guys. The Target ray of happiness has shined down on me with this one. And I got it for 30% off so...obviously Target was showing me some love big time!
I'm smitten.

And Psssttt! I just looked and it's on sale! 

I hope you have the best weekend! 


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